Zalamerenyei Kemencés Udvar

Dear Guest!

For those, who would like to know Zala – the land of hills, forests and deers – I suggest to visit “Kemencés Udvar Pihenőhely” which can be found in the village of Zalamerenye. No matter if you are planning a hitch-hiking in the forests of South-Zala, a holiday in Zalakaros, family trip or team-building, you will have the opportunity to explore those experiences, that are provided by one of the most exciting places of our country, Kis-Balaton. Our little village next to Zalakaros, is a bailee of centuries. You can rest here for a shorter period, or you can organize a longer program. For accommodation we suggest our yurt places.
For further information:
+36-30- 277-1406
Address: Jókai u. 14. Zalamerenye, H-8747
Coordinates: North Latitude: 46.575810, East Longitude:17.092151